Offline time-outs for professionals

Time is the one thing we keep running out of. It is fleeting, and therefore valuable. In fact, it just might be your most valuable asset of all. So, are you ready for a time hack?

We cannot give you more time. You have 24 hours per day, as do we.
What we can do, though, is help professionals spend their time in the best possible way.

Korneel & Kasper Desmet
Korneel en Kasper


Business retreats on breath-taking locations


Coping with digital overload the smart way

Made-to-measure business retreats designed to make the most of your time.

Knowing time is paramount, Re-Treated takes participants away from stress, notifications and fires that need putting out right this minute. The young company believes in empowering leaders and companies by offering them a breather. Without digital distractions, guided by key opinion leaders, and always on breath-taking locations.
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