It’s about time

We help high-impact people thrive, connecting them with a community of fantastic beings through a limited series of offline mini-sabbaticals. Carefully designed retreats, ranging from short learning safaris to personal growth expeditions.

Columbia Retreat

Deep impact, no insence
Yes, we’re about shifting your perspective and getting you past your boundaries. But our methods don’t require shamans or hocus pocus. We are not a coaching company, neither do we organise yoga retreats.

For forward thinkers
We’ve had entrepreneurs, creatives, investors and athletes among our ranks, even the odd nuclear physicist. We select ambitious profiles with nimble minds who value sincerity and think differently.

What to expect

No two Re-Treats are alike, yet they are built using the same core elements. New-school learning, healthy habits and a hint of adventure. 

Meet the team


A team can never have enough talent