It’s about time

‘Time is the only thing you can’t buy’, says Warren Buffet. Interviews with professionals around the world have taught us that ‘no time’ is your go-to excuse and number one issue.

Our method is designed to help you recalibrate your time. No, we can’t give you a magic recipe. What we do know, is that three ingredients are vital to getting the most out of your 24 hours: vision, focus and energy.

Columbia Retreat

Re-Treated teaches professionals to get the most out of their precious time by allowing them time-outs and handing them just the right tools. No coffee breaks or dolce far niente, but breaks that have impact.

Convinced that time is our greatest asset, Re-Treated helps participants escape the stress, the notifications and those fires that always need putting out.

As a young company, we believe in making leaders stronger by offering them a break now and then. Without digital distractions, but with professional coaching and on breath-taking locations.

After a successful launch with business retreats in Colombia in 2017, Re-Treated has developed shorter breaks for leaders such as the Focus Day and the Strategy Re-Treat, as well as workshops to teach companies how to tackle the digital overload.

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