Mini Sabbaticals

Our carefully designed retreats are limited in number, and range from short learning safaris to personal development expeditions.

Who's it for?

Lifetime learners

We gather entrepreneurs, investors, creatives and athletes, occasionally even a nuclear physicist. We meticulously select for ambitious and curious people: professionals who think differently, value sincerity, and want to keep evolving both personally and professionally.

What to expect

No two alike

Mini sabbaticals are growth experiences. The ingredients:
- remote locations
- completely offline
- gezonde routines
- 21st century skills
- incredible human beings

Discover Re-Treats

Deep impact, zero incense

Yes, we are all about flipping your perspective and redrawing your boundaries. And no, that doesn't involve shamans. We help you create clarity, but we're not a coaching company and we do not organize yoga retreats.

Think you're a good fit?