Time for a break?

3-day Strategy Re-Treat

A confrontation with your business plan & making it futureproof.
Exclusively for entrepreneurs & CEO’s of SME’s (Dutch).

23-25 april 2019

Upcoming Re-Treats

Although all of our retreats have a different focus, they all serve as personal offsites. No “life coaching” or Woo-Woo stuff, but time-outs designed for growth. Surrounded by peers, remote locations and without any digital distractions.

Hiking Odyssey

3 days of adventure in the Highlands
for founders & CEO’s who want to expand their horizons


June 2019

Peace of Mind

4 days of unwinding in Morocco
for ambitious professionals who want a real breather


October 2019

Stellar Energy

4 days of intensive exercise in Portugal
for CEO’s & founders who want to tap into maximum energy


November 2019

Snow Refuge

4 dagen growth & ski in Zwitserland
voor founders & CEO’s op zoek naar groeiformules & adrenaline


January 2020

Magic Colombia

8 days of personal growth in Colombia
for ambitious professionals who want to dig deep into their DNA


February 2020

Marathon Escape

4 dagen of supervised training
for endurance athletes looking for the ultimate preparation


March 2020

For teams.

Our business retreats are available for management teams. No “teambuilding”, but atypical, multiple days, offline learning experiences. Always guided by experts, surrounded by nature & with a hint of adventure.


What do you want to be challenged on?

Innovation, Finance, Sales, Sustainability, Marketing, Growth hacking, Design thinking, Strategy, Leadership


Our favorite remote locations worldwide include:

Belgium, Balearic Islands, Colombia, Guatemala, Iceland, Morocco, Portugal, Scandinavia, Scotland, South-Africa, Switzerland


Depending the location, we’ll get our participants out of their comfort zone…

Our favorites: hiking, skiing, functional training, sailing, biking, surfing, kitesurf, yoga, climbing

“The professional shock of a lifetime. Thank you!”

Elke De VilderFounder & Managing Director - SUPERMACHINE

“This was a really good retreat. I'm impressed!”

Peter Van PraetFounder - BAVET

“The ultimate time-out for entrepreneurs.”

Xavier GoethalsGeneral Manager - Topglass

“This is an absolute must for anyone who wants to elevate their career and/or company to the next level.”

Mathias DeswarteFocus Advertising

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