Courage Re-Treat

One week leadership deep-dive in paradise

  • 3 – 10 September 2022
  • Caribbean area, Colombia
  • 20 participants
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We’re inviting a select group of like-minded entrepreneurs and leaders on an intimate journey.

Together, we’ll discover a remote and exquisite part of the world while diving into a deep, personal exploration.

An adventure designed to both stretch and refresh you, the Courage Re-Treat helps you design a path with purpose.

Lia Verrees

Renowned process facilitator, medicine woman and high-profile coach, Lia will challenge you to expand your mind, open your heart, and follow your belly. 

Having facilitated hundreds of plant medicine ceremonies, she’ll invite you to re-imagine your future, by looking into your past patterns of success and your recurring roadblocks.

All this will take place in a slice of paradise, which will vitalize body and soul.

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    Some questions, some answers

    Who’s it for?

    We’re cross-pollinating leaders to inspire and learn from one another. You’ll meet seasoned leaders or innovators in their field. Whether you are an entrepreneur, scientist, a C-level executive, or artist.

    What’s truly important is that you’re open to self inquiry, can challenge yourself to go deeper, have the courage to be vulnerable and allow yourself to connect beyond the superficial.

    We select strong, passionate individuals looking to enter a stimulating space which enables growth, self reflection and expansive thinking.


    Okay. But why Colombia?

    Yes, this was Pablo Escobar territory. But the 80s were a long time ago and since then, these Andean summits and Caribbean coasts have risen from their ashes like a phoenix among the flames. Today, Colombia is a verdant wonderland dotted with multi-coloured colonial architecture where stellar hospitality and Shakira run the world. The only risk is you might want to stay.

    What about our carbon footprint?

    We know that air travel is becoming a luxury, not a given, so if we do travel, let it it be a journey of meaning and adventure – the exception, not the rule.

    Remember, we’re not talking about a luxury all-inclusive holiday. This is the kind of transformative experience worth our precious time.

    We are confident that the positive impact of this adventure, on both the participant and the planet, far outmatch the airplane emissions. Still, we offset this adventure’s carbon footprint for the entire group.

    Can I just hang out on the beach?

    Yes, you can. Whatever sparks your mind, works. We’ll gladly help you along, though.

    We know this country like our back pocket and we’ll guide you through unkempt jungle, take you out to indigenous villages and into a world that’s miles away from your own. Blending business and leisure, culture and nature, well-being and doing well, we’ll lure you out of your comfort zone and into the wild. Because that’s where we know the treasures lie.

    So, is this a quest for El Dorado?

    Are we digging for gold? In a way, we are.

    For one week, your entourage will consist of a high-level coach, and fellow entrepreneurial humans mining for your true potential, turning the ceiling into the floor.

    This Re-Treat will help you take stock of your life and understand on a deep level where you have come from, and where you are heading.

    It will be bold and brazen, confronting, even. But at the end of this intense experience, you’ll come out with a road map skillfully guiding you past all the bumps in the road ahead.

    Will I be reachable?

    You’ll be kindly requested to leave your laptops, tablets and other connected devices at home. You’ll hand in your smartphone at the start of the Re-Treat, and get it back upon your departure.

    We will provide an emergency number (satellite phone), so your family can reach you if necessary.


    Why are we going offline?

    Because we want you to be the sharpest version of yourself. Digital distractions are exactly that; distractions. Innovative ideas don’t sprout from business meetings and in between work e-mail. They find their origins in moments of rest. We want you to experience our Re-Treats without interruptions because it will help you live them to the fullest.

    How much does the WiFi cost?

    LOL. Cheeky, are you?

    What about COVID-19?

    Yes, these are uncertain times. No, learning and travel shouldn’t be cancelled for years to come. It’s in times like these, that being an integral part of a community of like-minded allies is one of the greatest assets at our disposal.

    Fully aware of the current situation, we cannot guarantee how international travel will develop in the upcoming months. This being the case, we don’t feel called to cancel on life’s most profound experiences.

    We are equipped and capable to deliver this adventure in a responsible, safe way. Mostly because of our expansive and strong network locally, but also because we’ll travel privately, mostly in secluded and remote areas.

    What if I have to cancel last-minute?

    Places are very limited, and therefor cancellations won’t be refunded. However, you can introduce a friend that resonates with Re-Treated. Please be aware all participants will be screened during an intake call.

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