Outsmart your phone

Online course for modern professionals who want to radically improve their screen habits

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It's time to take back control

If you’re spending more time on your phone than you’d like, you’re not alone. This online course is made to help modern professionals re-design their relationship with technology.
Through a 70 minute video course, you’ll learn how to set up your devices so you can reclaim your time. We’ll teach you a set of simple yet impactful tweaks, allowing you to focus on the things that matter most again.
The course is specifically designed for those of us who spend most of the day watching a laptop & smartphone screen. If you would like to learn how to be less distracted, and decrease your screen time – this class is for you.
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This video course will help you:

  • hack your focus by eliminating distractions
  • re-design your smartphone & laptop settings
  • understand neuroscience basics behind compulsive behaviour
  • introduce & maintain new smartphone habits
  • effectively reduce your screen time
  • install (free) plug-ins to reclaim your productivity
  • handle e-mail like top performing companies do
  • address chronic stress levels
  • decrease anxiety
  • create lasting healthy digital habits

Early bird offer

The course will be offered for €29 (instead of €39) for those who sign up early. Sign up before September 1st to access the course as an early bird.

How does it work?

  • you’ll complete 2 surveys (before & after the course)
  • you’ll watch 3 video courses (ca. 20 min each)
  • you’ll fill in 2 printable work sheets

Key take-aways

  • re-design your smartphone for minimum distraction
  • reclaim your productivity & focus
  • introduce healthy screen habits

We all have that friend...

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